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Per Aspera ad Astra

 Notice!   All meteorites are up for sale.  See prices in their corresponding pages.  Serious inquiries please.  Whole collection available at a discounted price.  Please call to inquire.

Per Aspera Ad Astra!  Through darkness to the stars!  So goes my former website of about ten years ago, where I focused all my energy in the name of astronomy.  Much has changed now, since new interests has  bloomed to maturity.  For me, astronomy is gaining the hard stuffs...telescopes, yes, as all amateurs, hobbyists, or even the casually interested ones should own one.  It is a window to the universe, an eye to the invisible.  Certainly, everybody, at least once in a lifetime, deserves to see majestic Jupiter, the pockmarked cratered vistas of the Moon, the beautiful rings of Saturn.  If one wants to see more, this makes owning a telescope a practical choice.  No way, but up!

I received a notice from IMCA rendering my membership expired and cancelled, due to non-payment of dues.   I however, have no further plans to extend my membership as I'm indulging myself to other fields of interest.  Now, as a former IMCA member still without a blemish to my credibility and sporting an honest record, I am just putting most of my remaining pieces on sale and if there are serious inquiries to the whole collection please let me know .  So, to everybody who bought and shared meteorite stories with me, thank you for your patronage! Till next time!


Looking down to Earth, we still find some stuffs unearthly.  It was 2005 when the something caught my attention, and as the saying goes, finally beaten by the bug!  It is Meteorite Bug that is, an idea so new, so unique, defying all antiquities man ever got hold of.  Finally, space can be touched, imaginations' wildest knows no boundaries.  A journey of a space rock beckons a compelling story, from its fiery birth inside the heart of a planet or asteroid, or from the seeds of our Solar System's creation, and the millions of miles it wanders in its orbit, also the eons it surpassed, now lies in your hands and ours to own.  We become masters of the universe, we share among its stocks.  


And so it is, my personal page dedicated to meteorites and telescopes, the former in which I maintain the country's (Philippines) most diversified collection, and a fair portion of sales to popularize the interest, and telescopes I offer at reasonable prices with free consultation, I welcome you to enter my lair at the PHOTO Section, and start getting your hands ready to touch the stars.


 P.S. And so, why Allenites?  Somehow I have to "mineralized" my very own name to put a  distinction mark that fused Allen and meteorites if either of which is discussed, especially in local forums. That defines it.  Someday I wish to discover on Philippine soil a new mineral which can be named Allenite! I am more known in the astronomy community as one who sells telescopes since 2005, and has established good rapport with major astronomy institutions.


And so it is again, benvenuto al mio sito d 'internet: Allenite, purveyor of fine telescopes, meteorites and expanding to fossils, in the Philippines! 

Remember always, the site's best stuffs are contained in the Photo Section.  Do savor its meat! 







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