Allenites: My Main Collection; Also for sale. Allenites: My Main Collection; Also for sale. My new logo Fresh new logo direct from the oven. Now allenite can be recognized more distinctly with this... Note: My membership with IMCA has expired, and therefore, if you're looking for the IMCA logo, you won't find it anymore, as I've been forbidden to use it. But I am still here as a former member, selling off my remaining pieces. 174105381 Sikhote-Alin, Iron, Russia 191.5g; P24,000.00 Acquired October 2005, from Geoffrey Notkin of This specimen once belongs to a Russian "old collection", with natural patina appearing "as found". I am not sure if this specimen was cleaned, but S-As these days are beautified and buffed, to give that blue-black color representing the fusion crust. 118004747 Sikhote-Alin 191.5g Still the same specimen, but posted in a different posture. I am not sure if this can be categorized as "oriented", as it seems there is a nose-cone shape. 118004748 Canyon Diablo, Iron, USA 194.7g; P10,000.00 Acquired March 2006, from Geoff Notkin. This specimen is "as found", with desert patina and a number painted, that of Eugene Cornelius, contemporary of H.O. Stockwell. This is my first historic piece. 118008612 Portales Valley, Stony H5, USA 11.3g; P15,500.00 Acquired from Michael Blood, May 2007. A grade A+ specimen, with a very desirable "veined" appearance reminiscent of what a good Portales should look like. A fine piece certain to bring in some smiles, after a disastrous early year experience. 118008613 Sikhote-Alin, Iron, Russia 71.9g; P10,000.00 November 2005, Eric Twelker made me kiss the sky when this very fine piece, which easily became my favorite among my small S-As, arrives in a FedEx box, along with an assortment of fine specimens. I have to intentionally photographed it with style, with inspiration from Geoff Notkin's site, to make look even more fabulous. 118009768 Canyon Diablo, Iron, USA 94.5g; Sold. A tumbled specimen to reveal its white iron beneath, but loads of character places this Canyon in a rather menacing look. Ebay auction of meteorites4sale, 2008. 118050211 Campo del Cielo, Iron, Argentina 353.4g; P7,500.00, Sold! Good regmaglypted Campo from Eric Twelker of, replaced another less awesome piece that Kim Atienza acquired. 2009 July acquisition at favorable price, I suspect this piece came from the more stable batches, similar batch where Geoff Notkin mentioned a new place (Campo Las Palmas) where good Campos or its paired irons were harvested more recently. 118050212 Iron Allenites inside the Dry Box Okay, some specimens are not here anymore. They were acquired last 2009, but I have the same set replenished and the present display is even more crowded. RH runs at about 35%. 118050215 Stony Allenites Preserved in Vacuum Haha There are some important specimens here, worthy of real scientific research above the normal rounds of meteoritic studies. I have about 7 CV3s here, and more recently a big Allende arrived, and a 2.8g Murchison further reinforced Panspermian idealogy. 118050223 Still the Stony types grace my new home.. Historic Monnig, and some individuals stay put and will not be leaving the family for a long, long time.... 118050224 Sikhote-Alin, Iron, Russia 34.4g; P4,500.00 A fine specimen, yet small. Loads of character, better viewed side-view. Awesome thumbprints and sits flat on a surface, with side grooves to ponder upon. Eric Twelker, November 2005. 118050225 Murchison, Carbonaceous Chondrite, Australia 1.184g; P9,500.00 Look at how the price of Murchison zoom its way to the Oort Cloud of Comets everytime scientists continually announce new findings of amino acids contained in this very provocative sample. The last time it was check in a meteorite show in Germany, its price is heading towards U$300/g. Time to invest! 118050226 Odessa, Iron, USA 704g; Sold. Acquired in 2006 from Geoff Notkin, sold to somebody in 2009. A nice hefty piece, camouflaged in desert patina of khaki and olive greenish hue of almost rusty appearance, this meteorite came from James Williams. 118050389 Imilac, Stony Iron, Chile 8.2g; P3,500.00 Sponge type, to complement my first Imilac slice. It contains a lot of sharp and gnarled edges, cavities and grooves. May look like planet Cybertron about to be consumed by a black hole. Some Olivine in their raw form are visible but camouflaged. 118050391 Seymchan, Stony Iron Pallasite, Russia 195.3g; Sold A beauty to behold, but was quickly relieved to the hands of the fast and decisive. A thick slice of hefty proportions, you won't think your thin slice of pallasite shattering in the ground once you accidentally drop it. Widmanstatten pattern on both sides, this piece easily qualifies to be the centerpiece of the stony-irons. Purtroppo, I didn't find something similar on the net after I sold this. Source: Notkin, acquired 2006. A piece arrived so late that it shivers through my spine. 118050392 Meeting of the Lords of the Rocks 2007 late February. I was battling a losing war in the land of cupids. But then again, this meeting forced me to smile ;) with a lighter heart that is, for in this meeting Desmond Leong arranged, I met the greats, beside me was John Bradshaw Leighfield, beside him to the right I don't know, across me is Henry Beyer Jr. (grandson of Henry Otley Beyer), then Desmond Leong, then Aubrey Whymark. 118052666 Dar al Gani 400, Stony, 0.6g; P50,000.00 My first and only Lunar meteorite in the house of Allenites. Sergei Vassiliev maintains his kind disposition by sending the piece promptly while we were negotiating term payments. Paypal still won't do, so we have to settle for BizPay. Just 11 years ago (2000), the same specimen sells for U$25,000/g!! Indeed this nice slice with clasts is sure to be kept long here, just here in Binondo. 118052667 NWA5436, Carbonaceous Chondrite, Sahara Desert 5.82g; P1,500.00 This is an OMG chondrule-laden specimen that only CV3s can give! I love CV3s, but you see, I can't have it all, there is a need to diversify. Sourced from Norbert Kammel,, rock on! 118052670 Meteoritical Society member #5443 I joined the MetSoc this year of January, in the hope of putting more emphasis on the study of meteoritics. In addition to my existing membership in IMCA, I will receive journals bi-monthly, and some web accesses to links available only for its members. 118052855 NWA 1827 , Stony Iron, 2.15; P1,200.00 Mesosiderites are not cheap. This piece from Michael Farmer, also acquired in 2006 cost $20.00! 118052869 NWA 2932, Stony Iron 18.12g; P2,000.00 Michael Cottingham Collection, formerly. Acquired in 2006, mesosiderite. A hefty piece, with so-so polishing. Tends to rust but can be cleaned easily. 118052883 Taza, Iron, Sahara Desert 22.1g; P6,000.00 Eric Twelker, November 2006. One of the best I've ever seen in small piece. Regmaglypts always add value. 118052885 Allende at 65.8g! Carbonaceous Chondrite, Mexico; P47,000.00 No doubt, this is a monster piece. I have to thank somebody really reliable for this piece. Some sources are becoming confidential, don't you think so? One of the best deals I've struck in the world of trading and selling, I love it when its Christmas all year round. Acquired 2009. 118085731 Mundrabilla, Iron, Australia101g; P9,000.00 The finest piece obtained. From Geoff Notkin, Certainly hard to beat. Not cheap either. 118085732 Tulia, Stony, USA 107.9g; P9,000.00 December 2006, Notkin. A historic Monnig specimen with both Huss and Monnig handpainted numbers in it. Reasonably priced too. 118085733 Tulia 107.9g again Just another angle that is.... 118086142 Morasko, Iron, Poland 66.4g; P7,700.00 June 2007. A rare iron from Europe, Poland. Great buy. 118086134 Millbillillie, Stony Eucrite, Australia 20g; P19,000.00 January 2008, Desmond Leong IMCA2254, a hefty Milly added into my collection. Lots of flow lines, lipping, and melting in its fusion crust, one of the best specimens available. 118086135 Millbillillie 20g Same specimen but only in natural light. 118086146 Bassikounou, Stony, Mauritania 47.7g; P14,500.00 A big Bassi for the price. 2007 fall. Jim Strope's ebay auction. Fresh ones are always a welcome addition. 118086136 Camel Donga, Stony Eucrite, Australia 12g; P14,000.00 A friend asked why is it called, I couldn't put any better answer: "Coz its Camel Dung!" hahaha Lovely expensive piece acquired through a good bargain. Shiny fusion crust with cracks and flow lines as well. Source: Desmond Leong 2008. 118086137 Tektite from Aubrey Whymark, Philippinite This I handpicked from a bag of goodies to be given away last February 19, 2011, in RTU when Aubrey was gracious really to put on a lecture talk about Australasian Tektites. Really great intimidating piece. 118086138 Brahin, Stony Iron Pallasite, Russia 41g; P9,000.00 Acquired from Ivan Koutyrev, links with Ataxite in ebay. A good piece endcut, with natural back fusion crust coated with rust, some olivine crystals protruding, and front is polished mirror-like. 118086143 Pantar, Stony, Philippines 0.044g 0.17g; P8,500.00 Speck but necessary, especially that Pantar is nowhere to be found for years. My second type of Filipino meteorite became an allenite, albeit almost insignificant. Sourced from Peter Marmet of Switzerland and Michael Cottingham. 118086144 Vaca Muerta, Stony Iron, Chile 7.1g; P1,600.00 2006 Caillou Noir. A good endpiece with visible iron and large chondrule. 118086145 Bensour, Stony 4.93g; P1,900.00 Acquired from Mike Farmer of Nice fusion crust with contraction cracks explain it all. 118086147 Juancheng, Stony, China, 16g; P5,500.00 Blaine Reed sourced, 2006. A nice blocky type of fresh stone. Sharp edges and thick nice crust are contradictory, the edges get rounded fairly rapidly s the crust develops, according to Mr. Reed. 118086149 Henbury, Iron, Australia 20.2g and 21.4g; P5,000.00 Sourced from, Norbert Kammel that is, in May of 2006. These are lovely specimens, the first time I saw this site, I found out they contain decent amount of small and famous specimens for beginners, now, why didn't I discovered that before? I think I got the most interesting shapes and I'm happy for it. 118086150 SAU 001 Stony 195.5g; P16,000.00 Fresh, regmaglypted specimen only some (not all or most) SAU 001s can have, acquired from John Scarborough in 2009. 118086151 Bondoc, Stony Iron Mesosiderite, Philippines41.7g; P22,000.00 Absolute specimen! This piece is historic, as it came from Desmond Leong, and Henry Beyer Jr. Again, by good twist of fortune. 118086152 Kilabo, Stony, Nigeria 241.1g; P95,000.00 Eric Twelker, December 2009. Ondoy flooded by spirits, this piece brought it back to me. A worthy museum piece, heavily regmalyglyped fusion-crusted beauty acquired on the basis of rewarding myself for the successful year that was. Specimen took 5 weeks to reach me under registered mail, scary! 118086154 Sikhote-Alin, Iron, Russia 56.2g; P7,500.00 Eric Twelker, November 2005. One for keeps. Sikhote-Alin always reminds us of the finer nature of meteorite collecting. 118086155 Gibeon, Iron, Namibia 166.4g; P16,000.00 The big slice is always the better. Never have I imagined a Gibeon possessing this much character. Lots of Widmanstatten Pattern and an inclusion appears on the left side. Certainly pleasing, especially knowing this came from a rather big piece. Eric Twelker in 2006. 118086156 Gao, Stony 13.7g; Sold. January 2006, Eric Twelker. I opted for the cheaper and readily available stones to start with, in the hope of diversifying more quickly, not to mention that I started my "stone" collection with a Martian piece. Interest in meteorites is like a sinusoidal wave, sometimes I want the big and costly ones, then later my excitement wanes to cheap ones. Good specimen with fusion crust and chondrules in its raw and unpolished form. 118086157 Allende, Carbonaceous chondrite, Mexico 6.6g and 5.1g; P8,000.00 January 2006, Eric Twelker. I just noticed I had a large shipment that came January 2006 from the same source. One is a good slice with lovable chondrules. The second piece is a fusion crusted fragment with contraction cracks. I love it, just like a picture from the magazines. 118086158 Zagami, Stony Achondrite, Nigeria 2.13g; P78,000.00 The pinnacle of any meteorite collector is to own a Martian meteorite. A good 2.13g not cleanly sliced gives more character, as it appears the specimen to be "plucked" out of a larger piece. Sergei Vassiliev rocked me by sending me the specimen even before I got the chance to settle payments, such attitude is one for the books. I instantly became his fan! 118086159 SAU 005/008 0.268g; P7,500.00 My second Martian slice, a bit too small the surface area for its weight. It seems other dealers sell at a cheaper price. Acquired from Eric Twelker in April 2006. 118086160 Odessa , Iron, USA 110.4g; P9,000.00 Historic specimen from Capt. Harold Draeger, commission from a good sales this year. June 2009 from Geoff Notkin, 118090250 Seymchan, Stony Iron Pallasite, Russia 25g; P8,000.00 Etched slice is always pleasing. I can't find a big piece equivalent to the one I sold to Kim earlier. Acquired 2009, and maybe up for sale too in my Sales Box. 118090251 Tatahouine, Stony Eucrite, Tunisia 16.4g; P20,000.00 Eric Twelker March 2010. The biggest Tata of more than 15g is worth buying and rare, according the Kevin Kichinka. 118090252 Gujba, Stony 3.7g; P12,000.00 Unknowingly, this is a rare specimen and very expensive too, but my initial reaction was that its appearance can grab a beholder's eye and mind with artlike features in such a small piece. Metal nodules on a stony matrix. My opinion is that this should be classified as a stony-iron. Eric Twelker should be credited solely for bringing this lovely meteorite to the international market, or out of Nigeria. This meteorite costs more than gold! 118090253 Imilac, Stony Iron Pallasite, Chile 3.14g; P2,500.00 My second Pallasite, small yet interesting shape, triangular with not so neat edges, jagged that is. Olivines are present in artistic distribution. Too bad I failed to notice the crack running along the olivine in the photos before I confirmed order. The crack folds the specimen rather annoyingly, but not obvious. March 2006. 118090256 A Meteorite in Shanghai's Science Museum 2009 after the great Solar Eclipse in which we missed seeing, we visited the science museum and I found two stone meteorites on display. I haven't check with the catalog if these two pieces were enlisted... 118417772 Middlesbrough Cast; P20,000.00 The original piece of this lovely oriented meteorite cannot be bought, and is one of its kind. Currently displayed at the York Museum. An awesome nosecone developed as the meteorite maintained stationary throughout its decent. Fell 14 March, 1881, even casts such as this became a collector's item, available only to the quick and the deadly. I think I'm just devilishly lucky to acquire this at any moment's notice. 149556675 Campo del Cielo 10.5kg; Sold. The word "crating" comes into play while I discussed shipping options with the dealer. Crating goes back to the days of Harvey Nininger, and reserved only for the unusual opportunities. I have a friend who got disappointed when I showed him my earlier collections, tiny bits of this and that, too small for appreciation. What he wanted was fist-sized stones. Finally, here is a specimen that will challenge the unsuspecting hand, as very few people can hold it in one hand. The rest was history. Lovely regmaglypts, showing great character, poised to strike the first time meteorite prospector. 154002163 Sikhote-Alin; 16.8kg, Call for price. The Beast from the East. A monster fall of unequaled proportions in modern times. A 2011 acquisition. Well then, two behemoths in a row, not bad for the year alone. Due to being the favorite of the bunch, I now have to take back the price stated here, to protect agents from price abuse. For best pricing, call me directly! 154002312