Telescopes and Sales from Skywatcher Telescopes and Sales from Skywatcher Our Company Logo Serekapty Inc., an acronym: ServiceRekapTyre, has expanded into the telescope business since 2005. That's me, with 10 year amateur astronomy experience, and along with my friend partner Jonathan Alcartado, booked the first shipment of Skywatchers from Korea. We HAD a hard time selling our stocks, a merchandise oddity, took two full years to completely sold out. Then came a lull of about a year, because we are faced with an uncertain future, whether astronomy will still peak up somewhere we don't know. The logo is a new one, fashioned out of late, for the purpose of a good representation for an international calendar photo shoot. Watch out! Astronomy becomes sexy next year! 118011456 Skywatcher 12inch f5 Newtonian Reflector on Dobsonian Mount (manual) I love selling big telescopes. There is always a good sense of pride involved, especially in advancing the levels of visual observing. Bragging rights too. Imagine having the 4th largest telescope in the country, after the 18 inch, 16inch, 14inch units of PAGASA, UP NISMED, and private owners. Comes in collapsible too. This is a behemoth, you need two people to carry this around. Sold. 149491451 Skywatcher Black Diamond Edition 150mm f5 Newtonian on EQ3 Mount Now made even better! Look good to impress! Handsomely new look in my most popular model. Crayford focuser is a notch better. Call for price (I know if you call, then, you're serious) Limited stocks available. Sold. 128659718 Skywatcher 70mm Refractor on AZ3 mount If you like birds as much as the stars, day in day out, night in night out, then grab this portable scope with you. With a 70mm objective lens and short tube focal length, you would be impressed of its lack of chromatic aberrations. Entry-level scopes in this case have just level-up! Price? Hmm....why don't you ring me to know? In stock. Last one. 128659719 Skywatcher 200mm f5 Newtonian Reflector on EQ5 Dual Axis Equatorial Mount The next best thing after viewing through a 6 incher is of course, an 8 incher. Its generous aperture permits more appreciable views of deep sky objects, and the planets are starting to get too bright, which means it can hold higher magnifications. Sold. 149491452 Skywatcher 127mm f11.8 Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope on Altazimuth GoTo Mount When I see this telescope I remember the Nextar 5 I saw at least 9 years ago, but this time around I have this priced at almost half of what was previously offered. This is a Mak, not a Schmidt, that?s what I love to think. Call for pricing. 1 unit only. Its mine. 149491449 NEQ6 Pro, a GoTo Heavy Duty Mount capable of supporting a 12" Newtonian Reflector! P100,000.00. The mount that will solve many issues, if not all. 13,400 celestial objects in its database. Brawny and intimidating, this mount answers casual home-made observatory's yearnings for a true-to-form executioner of any amateur astronomers' celestial wish-list. Caution though, this mount is not a little girl's dream toy, you may want to straighten your back while picking this mount out of the box, as the last we want to hear is a crispy "snap" on your delicate vertebrae. Sold. 118051224 Skywatcher 10 inch f4.8 Newtonian Reflector on a GoTo Dobsonian Mount The ultimate Dobsonian has landed! Just five years ago, who would have imagined the only way to motorized and computerized a telescope is with the use of an equatorial mount. Now, Skywatcher breaks the ground with this revolutionary set up! Certainly, a headturner in many a starparty. Sold. 149491450 Skywatcher 150mm f12 Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope on AZ4 Mount Though of very manual mount in the body of AZ4, I used to wish I can have a 6inch (my favorite size) Schmidt Cassegrain, but now, a Mak of this size comes to my arms and it embodies flexibility and practical power of ?large? aperture in such a compact body. I can keep one for life, in fact. Sold.Call for pricing. 149491448 Skywatcher 250mm f4.8 Newtonian Reflector on NEQ6 GoTo Equatorial Mount For school observatory or personal use, this unit would be happy to sit permanently in a location. Sold! 149491453