Sales Box Sales Box 70mm f7 Refractor on AZ3 mount Entry-level telescopes are getting better! Now, with proper guidance from the seller you are expected to see more than just casual views of the Moon, planets and brighter star clusters. Just as telescopes are innovating so does the art of telescope dealership. Call now for the out-of-this world price and you will thank the heavens for it. In stock. Last one though. 128661080 Skywatcher 200mm f5 Newtonian Reflector on EQ5 Dual Axis Equatorial Mount The next best thing after viewing through a 6 incher is of course, an 8 incher. Its generous aperture permits more appreciable views of deep sky objects, and the planets are starting to get too bright, which means it can hold higher magnifications. May yeow le. 149491504 Skywatcher 127mm f11.8 Maksutov Cassegrain Telescope on Altazimuth GoTo Mount When I see this telescope I remember the Nextar 5 I saw at least 9 years ago, but this time around I have this priced at almost half of what was previously offered. This is a Mak, not a Schmidt, that?s what I love to think. Call for pricing. 1 unit only. Per me. 149491509 Black Diamond edition 100mm ED from Skywatcher The heavens look better with better optics. A bit substantial adjustment to the price wouldn't hurt much, and you would be left with a good piece of craftsmanship that you can pass on to your sons and daughters. Now, a collector's piece (that's right, coz its only available in U.K and Canada) at very reasonable price. Call now to make an appointment. Sold out. 128661082 NEQ6 Pro mount A computerized GoTo telescope capable of carrying up to 12inch OTA Newtonian. It is Skywatcher's biggest equatorial mount thus far. Price: call no need, its sold! 118098592 12 inch Skywatcher Newtonian Dobsonian Telescope Presently, the fourth largest telescope keeps getting attractive. Be one of the very few in the Philippines to ever observe ex-planet Pluto, or the easier object 3C273, a quasar essentially stretching your visual universe to two billion light years away, assuming you observe in a very dark provincial sky. Includes two Plossl eyepieces, 25mm and 10mm, an 8x50 finderscope, 2" adapter on the focuser, tension knobs, and a smile upon delivery. Last one unit available. Price: Sold out. 118113312 AZ4 mount For small and semi-medium telescopes in need of a good stable mount. This mount is yours to keep. Last one unit available. Price: Sold out. 118113315 Skywatcher 250mm f4.8 Newtonian Reflector on NEQ6 GoTo Equatorial Mount For school observatory or personal use, this unit would be happy to sit permanently in a location. Sold! 149491505 Skywatcher 10 inch f4.8 Newtonian Reflector on a GoTo Dobsonian Mount The ultimate Dobsonian has landed! Just five years ago, who would have imagined the only way to motorized and computerized a telescope is with the use of an equatorial mount. Now, Skywatcher breaks the ground with this revolutionary set up! Certainly, a headturner in many a starparty! One unit available. 149491506 Odessa, Iron, USA, 704g Price: P20,000.00. Sold. 118050217 Black Campo del Cielo Crystals Whether these are artificially dyed or not, it makes them lovelier still. Ooops, prices withheld, call for pricing. 150640052 Sikhote-Alin Shrapnels P50/g. Good small specimens to start with. A lot of character comes in small packages. Its more fun this way. 150640051 Spinosaurus Watercolor Painting This little print comes with the fossilized tooth up for sale below. 118089367 NWA 869 small individuals, Stony Price: Down to P45/g, each piece about 2 to 25grams. A LOT more pieces left. 118086165 Field Guide to Meteors and Meteorites Book Price: P1,800.00 118165348 The Art of Collecting Meteorites Book Price: P2,300.00 118165349 Campo del Cielo Meteorite Pendants, Iron, Argentina P850/each Comes with cord, pouch and personalized signed certificate of authenticity. 118416642 Wooly Mammoth Femur Fossil A Museum quality Mammoth femur. This superb, pre-historic specimen is from a Siberian wooly mammoth, the last individuals of which became extinct at the end of the Pleistocene era approximately 10,000 years ago. This bone fossil was found in the Indigirka Basin, Siberia, and has wonderful coloration and no restoration or repair. 41 inches in length, only here at! Price: P295,000.00 Partially sold. 118621338 Dinosaur Oviraptor Egg Fossil This raptor fossil egg displays nicely on the original rock matrix. Comes with a near complete shell structure which is very rare for raptor eggs. It has been professionally prepared and chemically coated to preserve the specimen. Price: P95,000.00 Partially sold. 118621341 Mammoth Femur Fossil C This thing is heavy! I think it is equivalent to two M1 Garand! Leaves a really deep indention on my sofa! 118621340 Bondoc, Stony Iron, Philippines 29.5g Price: P13,000.00 Sold! Provenance coming from, Nininger and ASU, Michael Cottingham, Sold. 118416641 Bondoc Stony Iron, 3.6g Philippine Meteorite P2,000.00 Sold. 118416643 Dinosaur Bones Sold at P40,000.00. Various bones coming from Hadrosaur (largest bone in the right) and some leg bones from unknown source. 2009. 119460751 Mosasaur Jaw Sold at PP45,000.00. Mosasaur is technically not a dinosaur, but more of a sea monster. It lived alongside with the age of dinosaurs, however. 2009. 119460752 Vertebrae of Carcharodontosaurus Sold at P35,000.00. Carch is an African version of the very popular T-Rex of North America. 2009. 119460753